How To create wizards in odoo ?

Hello , In this post were going to talk about wizards how to create and use them.

A wizard is a model that display a form view to the user usually in a dialog window, with some fields to be filled in, unlike other models wizards are declared using models.TransietModel and data used in wizard it’s expected to be useful in only until wizard is completed or canceled.

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How to override create method in odoo API 8 ?

Hello everyone. In this blog-post tutorial, we will learn how to override create method on odoo using API8.
The create method is invoked everytime we click on the “NEW” button and when we save through the “SAVE” button.
Let say we have a ‘Students’ model with “name” and “age” fields, we want to create a new student’s record with values like name=’Adam’ age=’10’.

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