How to use @api.depends decorated method?

Hello everyone. Today I’m gonna explain you how to use @api.depends decorated method.

First of all, the fields can be computed (instead of read from the database) using the compute parameter, it must assign the computed value to the field, it uses the values of other fields from the same model or others model (unlike @api.onchange which work only with the fields in the same view), it should specify fields using depends(). Continue reading

How to override Write Method in Odoo API8?

Hello everyone. Now I’m gonna explain you, how to override write method.
The write method is invoked everytime you click on the ‘Edit’ and ‘Save’ button in the view. Once the record is being created and then if you modify and you save record that time the write is being called. So the write method is called whenever the record is modified. The values with whitch it is being modified come in the vals argument.
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How to override create method in odoo API 8 ?

Hello everyone. In this blog-post tutorial, we will learn how to override create method on odoo using API8.
The create method is invoked everytime we click on the “NEW” button and when we save through the “SAVE” button.
Let say we have a ‘Students’ model with “name” and “age” fields, we want to create a new student’s record with values like name=’Adam’ age=’10’.

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